Practicing Natural Hoof Care in Santa Barbara County since 2004.

Our clients range from Endurance horses to founder cases, from Percherons to minis, from a foal's first trim to transitioning a horse who has been in shoes for many years and everything in between.

With particular interest in rehabing laminitis/founder cases and working with the owner to address underlying metabolic issues and to aid in making the necessary dietery changes to help your horse on its path to recovery.

We were very fortunate to have Dr. Eleanor Kellon as the first mentor in our hoof care and equine nutrition journey starting back in 2002. Later formally training with the AANHCP, and in 2008 becoming a founding member, mentor and practitioner with Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners.

“Think about this:  Nature did not create this remarkable animal and then put anything on the bottom of his foot that is not supposed to contact the ground!  The frog, sole and bars, like the hoof wall, are all designed to withstand impact and constant contact with rough terrain.”  -Pete Ramey, Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You