Natural Hoof Care Serving South Santa Barbara County.

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EasyCare hoof boot dealer - we stock Gloves, Glove Back Country, Trails, Epics, Old Macs, Comfort pads and can help with all your horse's hoof protection needs.

California Trace dealer - we recommend and stock CA Trace to provide to our clients.


“Steel shoes weaken the hoof capsule. Preparation of a hoof for shoeing begins the weakening process by removing its strong, natural shape. A normal hoof is not flat in any plane, having naturally arching quarters, recessed bars and sole. But these important shapes are eliminated to permit the secure application of a shoe. A horse left barefoot, but trimmed as for shoeing, has poor hoof form, an uncomfortable gait, and impaired hoof function. Such improper trimming leaves an owner with the impression that their horse "can't go barefoot."  - Thomas Teskey, DMV, The Unfettered Foot