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Recommended reading:

Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You, Pete Ramey
Horse Owner’s Guide to Natural Hoof Care, Jaime Jackson


Links:  Pete Ramey's website Cutting edge information and support for Cushings, laminitis, insulin resistance, iron overload, diet, etc.--I recommend this group to all horse owners, whether their horse has issues or not. The American Hoof Association The Equine Sciences Academy, in depth training program. Marjorie Smith's website great info and photos Wild horse preservation and rescue United Pegasus Foundation--Horse rescue Easyboots, Epics, Bares, Old Macs  Information on grasses/hays Skodes horse treats--wonderful low sugar treats. All horses will love them, but great for horses with insulin resitance, laminitis or Cushings especially! Balanced Riding and saddling The Bitless Bridle Peggy Hogan's site, clicker training in the Santa Barbara area Great site. And check out the go barefoot page--very good desciption of barefoot vs shod. Video showing percussion on a shod hoof trotting on pavement.